Welcome to Skyraiders

also known as the

Rochedale Miniature Aero Sports Society (Skyraiders) inc.

We are a team of progressive forward thinkers looking to take Control Line Aerosports into the 21st century. Skyraiders, incorporated in 2012 in the City of Logan, has the experience to take advantage of what our friends at the Australian Miniature Aerosports Society inc (AMAS) have to offer. It is our primary aim to ensure that Logan residents who want to engage in the sport of flying control line aircraft will always have a place to call home.

Skyraiders holds 'Club Insurance' with AMAS and all of our members are required to also be members of AMAS. That way the club and all of its members are covered by the full spectrum of AMAS insurance, including Public Liability insurance.

If you would like to become a member of Skyraiders please use our contact form and ask for a membership application. When it has been filled in and returned to the Secretary it will be presented to the next general meeting for acceptance by the members. Once your application has been accepted you will be asked to provide evidence of AMAS membership and to pay the club membership fees.

Some of the benefits of membership -

  • Enduring friendships.
  • Sharing of Skills and Knowledge.
  • Adoption of Modern Technology.
  • Great Social Evenings - (at locations chosen to suit our members).